Rebecca aged 4

Rebecca thanks her Grandmother for her love of all things beautiful. Her house in the tranquil village of Henley-on-Klip, 50 kilometres south of Johannesburg, was a treasure trove. Crystal, velvety textures, jewellery, sparkly diamonds, parties and stylishly dressed people. A little girl's dreams come true. Now she would like to make your daughter's dreams come true. She is the driving force behind Jelli — and its founder.


Vivienne aged 1

The thing to understand about Viv is that under that quiet demeanour is a bold, professional painter — who just loves colours. You'll find her work at public exhibitions and private shows in houses. You'll find Viv at Jelli quietly doing our stock control and project management.


Talent aged 6

You can see Talent was a poser and fashion victim from a very early age. At 14 she was modelling. She loves clothes, she loves shopping and she loves putting outfits together. Perfect for Jelli, in other words. She is our IT boff and is responsible for looking after the Jelli website. Oh, and she is a pillar of strength when things get hectic.


Talent aged 6

You know, just by glancing at this photo, that Penny is going to be a performer when she grows up, don't you? She's going to be a dancer. And The Face of the Dance Umbrella. And a physical theatre practitioner. And, now, as Jelli's petite fashion guru and social networking wizard, she is going to be all giddy about the clothes. And, not only that, she is going to be wearing them too.