About Us

Jelli is for people who will break the mould — starting at an early age. And Jelli is a beautiful store in Hutton Court, Hyde Park, Johannesburg. Now Jelli is an online store. Wherever you are, welcome! Feel free to browse. As you will discover, we stock the Europe's finest designers — and a wonderful American label. See if you can guess who it is.

The fashion is out of this world, their fabrics will take your breath away. And the quality is exceptional.

Jelli is designer clothing for discerning human beings — and their parents.


16th December 2011
Our very first sale — a Kenzo dress — was made to a lady who walked up a flight of stairs and browsed through rails of clothing and all the boxes we were unpacking.
17th May 2012
Our beautiful Hyde Park store opened after a difficult birth! But it is all worth it — the pain has been forgotten.
21st September 2012
Our online boutique went live.
16th December 2014
Rebecca and Samuel relocated to the UK after suffering 2 savage attacks in South Africa. Jelli is now sadly only an online store which is managed by her loving parents, Delia and David.


Rebecca and Norman had Sam — the man — on the 8th of December 2009.

Clothes maketh the man. The trouble was, in Johannesburg where were the clothes that would make Sam? Rebecca and Norman could not find any that remotely expressed Sam's personality, class and style.

And so the idea for a children's clothing boutique was born — on 1 March 2010, just a few months after Sam. Here is our own, very special story.